My Thrive Life Evolution

My thrive life evolution is a culmination of my life experiences.  It doesn’t cease today rather it’s a continual motion built on experiences, learning, and desire to be better each day.

I wanted to start this website not only as a personal bucket list item, but to share a little about me and my family, to share my experiences, my path to learning and growing, and to hopefully exude positivism into the world.

I look at life not as a singular start to finish, but rather a collection or different lives and experiences along the way.  I’ve evolved from the person I was 3, 5, 10, 20, 30 years ago, and within each of those spans, I’ve learned to look at the world from many different angles and with several different lenses.

Along the way, I can give credit to countless people.  Some of them are a distant memory, some I’ve reconnected with, some I’ve never met, and some are very close to me today.

This brings me to my first and arguably my most important learning and lesson, which is to always look at people with a positive lens.  Make your best attempt to understand who they are, where they come from, and more importantly, treat them with the utmost respect because you never know when you’ll cross paths again, and you never know if you’ll need their assistance or help in the future.

Off the top of my head, the great influences in my life are first and foremost my family, my dad is my hero, my mom is my go-to for anything, my brother is my best friend, my wife Juliette ( is my rock, my love, my everything, my son is a close second in the “my everything” category, he’s simply amazing and makes me laugh daily.  My buddy Rob, you’re my boy, you’ve been there for everything and are there for me whenever I need you, William McMakin, Maurice Twomey, two of the greatest managers and mentors that one can ask for, and my former content/e-learning development team in Mumbai who all brought me joy, insight, and perspective.

As for the people that I haven’t met in person, but I consider them to have great influences on my life in one way or another: Richard Branson (pure positivism), Dan Ariely (The Upside of Irrationality), Tim Ferriss (Alternative views on life, stoicism, experimental, knowledge motivated), John Kehoe (Mind Power), Shawn Achor (The Happiness Advantage), Gord Downie, Rob Baker and the Tragically Hip, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, my absolute favourite music come from these two bands, while both of them represented their countries more than any other band could ever dream of doing, Warren Buffet (needs no introduction, the oracle), Bill Gates (The visionary turned philanthropic), Larry Page and Sergie Brin (they changed the world in so many ways, they instituted an alternative way to the norm, they built culture), Steve Jobs (Pure innovation and a drive to change the world).

I’ll close this post by inviting you to join me in my/our journey to experience and to be aware, to be better every day.

Your tomorrow’s best you starts now.

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