Husband to an amazing wife that is so caring and giving, father to one incredible boy who makes me melt and laugh every single day.  I consider myself very fortunate as I’ve been blessed with a great family and I’ve had the privilege to learn from great teachers, talented managers, intelligent coworkers and the best of friends in my life.  I’ve also experienced the negative side of life and understand I’m not alone as we’ve all experienced; losses, disappointment, failure to name a few.  Some of these have been more painful than others, but each experience in their own way has come with perspective.

I look at life not as a singular start to finish, but rather a collection or different lives and experiences along the way. I don’t look at the world the same way I did 3, 5, 10, 20, 30 years ago, and within each of those spans, I’ve learned to look at the world from many different angles and lenses.

I consider myself a motivated, creative deep-thinker with what I think are a lot of “great ideas” that I’d like to implement but find myself with a full plate wondering what to eat next, I tend to resist the notion of the average and strive for the top of the bell-curve or seek for ways to stretch it out a bit further.

In my current “span” of life, I’ve started to look more at the now and to use the notion of “now” to make a better me tomorrow.

Come join me in the journey…..Your tomorrow’s best you starts now.



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